Shipping Focus

Your best interests. Our commitment.

FastGo Freight® offers full-scale transportation services to thousands of customers daily. We work with an ever-growing network of 40,000 carriers to ship freight across the United States. Our team of carrier agents are organized by region and trained by industry experts to maximize backhaul opportunities. FastGo Freight® is committed to building strong relationships, and predicting market fluctuations. When we commit to delivering a load, we move it.

The best for the best.

The FastGo Freight Team

We are committed to our people. Every employee goes through state-of-the-art training programs to learn about the standard of excellence FastGo Freight expects from everyone. Before our agents join specialized teams, they are taught about the industry they serve, the people they serve, and how to be successful while upholding the values of FastGo Freight. We believe by focusing and providing the highest level of service, dedication, and communication to customers, we can remain successful and continue to grow.

Revolutionary technology

Innovating logistics with technology

FastGo Freight’s web-based technology, from to our mobile application, offers clear visibility, real-time communication, and live tracking of your freight. We believe having the best web-based technologies will allow everyone to have the best service experience. By matching our customer’s needs with the most effective modes of transportation, and having communication with our network, our customers can comfortably rely on FastGo Freight for the smoothest transportation.

Groundbreaking commitment

Honest promises for honest people

Brokers tend to commit to more loads than they can handle. Therefore these unfulfilled commitments create stress on shippers’ supply chain. However with FastGo Freight, our web-based technology and mobile application removes unnecessary turbulence on shipper’s timelines and expectations. Our application and training program is state-of-the-art, using the most advanced technology and principles, we have created a dependable, quick, and personal team to meet your needs.